from socket

from socket


Kode wheel segment Camera
Style Modifier
Modifies 1st person camera, should track socket,unequip, detach
Primarily WHEN/DO DO


As a camera modifier

Paired with a socket position this tile will move the First person camera from the head of the player to the socket specified. Can create dramatic camera angles (such as when placed on knee sockets).

Example kode

WHEN DO [fixed camera][from socket][left knee]

To choose a socket

Can also be used to select a socket to detach attachments

Example kode

WHEN [once] DO [detach][from socket][head]

Can also, apparently be used with the [unequip] tile to specify which hand to unequip from.

However this kode does not work:

WHEN DO [unequip][from socket][left hand]

Can you get this to work? EXPLANATION NEEDED.

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