Project Spark Creation Hour

Live Stream with LadylexUK and SupersonicStation (Dannyboy3600)

Here is a rundown of what we have created during or for the stream.Check out the stream live on SupersonicStation at 2pm (London time) on Wednesdays. Or view later on SupersonicStation’s channel (the same live streams are added to my Live Stream playlist on my YouTube channel LadylexUK) .

Addendum: Due to YouTube issues the live stream will be on LadylexUK YouTube channel in April 2018.

November 2017

  • Building a village (Both)
  • How to do Death animations (Lex)

December 2017

  • Making a waterfall (Both)
  • Designing monkey characters (Both)
  • DC and Marvel Super Heroes (Both)

January 2018

  • How to make Mounts and Vehicles (Lex)
  • Dragonball Z Challenge (Both)

February 2018

  • Wizard of Oz (Both)
  • Masters of the Universe and She Ra (Both)
  • Star Wars (Both)

Mar 2018

  • Thundercats (Lex)
  • Super Hot (Lex)
  • Dinosaurs (Lex)
  • Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory (Lex)
  • Test of the Mixer Share Controller feature (Danny)

April 2018

  • Sea of Thieves (Lex), Movie Horror Ride (Danny)
  • God of War (Lex)
  • Pixel Animation (Lex)

May 2018

  • Quick Build Challenge (Lex and Danny)

June 2018

  • Harry Potter (Lex and Danny)

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