April 2018

Website Update

School of Kode
Brain Tiles 334
Written Tutorials 118
Video Tutorials 388  (+11)
Prop Gallery 58
Brain Gallery 164 (+6)

Project Spark Archive
Compilations  66 (+2)
Community Levels 711 (+5)
Post Shutdown Video 24 (+1)

Total pages added 25



As you can see from the stats above there has not been much activity on the site in March, as I have been working on other projects. I planned on completing the prop gallery, but did not quite make it having got to W. Should complete it, and hopefully the assemblies list this month.

The archive has not had many additions this month as the amount of unique games being found on YouTube has reduced considerably, but more will be added this month.

My YouTube channel has seen additions of 2-3 videos a week, and I have created a new series called the Project Spark Alphabet where I look at a prop and a brain tile for a certain letter. The channel reached 100 subscribers (that’s 50 new subscribers since I relaunched the channel 5 months ago).

Live Streams have included challenges to create Thundercats, Wizard of Oz, Dinosaurs and Willy Wonka. We also tried out the new Mixer facility to Share controllers (currently only available to Preview members). If they can sort out the lag problems this could allow us to play each others Project Spark games. If not, then at least we can do collaborations and help with koding over a live stream. Very exciting.

In April I hope to finish off the prop and assembly brains. Add the character and Champion galleries and as always add the tutorials from my YouTube channel and others. I will also be continuing to make things for the live stream and hopefully encourage others to join us with demonstrations of what Project Spark can do.


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