Stealth mechanic (sleeping guard)

Creator: LadylexUK
Created: 23 Jan 2018
Length: 11:41
Level: Intermediate
Type: Game mechanic


In the goblin brain (additional to standard melee enemy brain)

  1. WHEN DO [numvar:speed][equals][clamp][min][0][numvar:speed]
  2. WHEN [detect][player]
  3. …WHEN [else] DO [numvar:awaken][equals][0]
  4. …WHEN DO [numvar:speed][equals][absolute value][(][it][velocity][x][plus][it][velocity][z][)]
  5. …WHEN [numvar:speed][greater than or equal to][2] DO [numvar:awaken][incremented by][numvar:speed]
  6. …/…WHEN [else]
  7. …/…/…WHEN [not][has power] DO [it][highlight]
  8. ….WHEN [numvar:speed][equals][0] DO [numvar:awaken][equals][0]
  9. WHEN [not][has power] DO [display meter][numvar:awaken][max][50][above][small HUD][blue]
  10. WHEN [numvar: awaken][greater than or equal to][50] DO [power on]
  11. WHEN [not][has power] DO [play fx][fx: Sleep Aura][on][me]
  12. WHEN [once] DO [team][equals][team 2]
  13. WHEN [has power]
  14. …the rest of the brain as childlines to this.

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