Project Spark in 2018

So what can we expect for Project Spark fans in 2018?

This will be an interesting year for hobby game creators with the imminent release of PS4’s game creation title “Dreams”. I expect a lot of Project Spark fans with a Playstation will buy this game, but dont let that stop you from using Project Spark. In fact, it may be a great idea to test out your Dreams ideas in Project Spark first before starting your Dream builds, as builds in PS may be a little quicker to make. Also, you may be able to recreate your PS builds, with custom made props and landscapes and your own music (so wish we could have done that in Project Spark).

For those of you who are keen to stay with Project Spark there is a growing community on the Xbox One and on YouTube who are sharing their creations in the medium of video. PC users can also use SparkShare, (which despite a decreased audience is still available and hanging in there). My channel is growing daily with new subscribers, which is very pleasing, and I am trying to ensure new content is added every week, including playthrough commentaries, clips of new creations (Spark Tales), and tutorials. Please let me know what content you would like to see in the comments.


I never had Project Spark. Can I still get it?
You can buy (new and secondhand) copies of the Starter Pack disk for Xbox One. Try searching the internet and shopping sites. Some suppliers still have wrapped copies. Insert the disk and it will download the game with all the available assets (including extras that were not part of the starter pack). Check out SparkShare community forum for information about downloads for PC.

Can I still make games?
Absolutely, you just cannot share them to the community servers. Make videos of your creations and share them in the Project Spark Team Club or put them on YouTube. Let me know about it so I can add it to the growing archive of creations. PC players can also share assets and levels through SparkShare .

Can I play with friends?
The multiplayer servers went down with the community servers, so you cannot play multiplayer games on Project Spark. However, try co-streaming on Mixer. Have fun setting challenges where you both create side by side and ask your viewers to decide a winner, or if you have saved the same game, do a time trial.

Is everything available?
Most of the assets and all of the stand alone games (Crossroads, Void Storm and Conkers Big Reunion) are available to play. On Xbox the Noxious Bog biome is missing as it was not implemented properly, as well as some smaller packs such as the rat model. PC players may be able to fix the missing assets through SparkShare .

How do I find other peoples levels?
There are many many videos of people’s creations available on YouTube. Click on the above link to the Video Archive and search by keyword, type, creator or compilation date. You can also check out my YouTube channel “LadylexUK” for weekly uploads of gameplay and tutorials.


Thank you to Psychokiller1888 for the information about Sparkshare.


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