Type: Prop Brain
Level: not in gallery
Pages: 1
Description: This brain is found in the Cannonball prop. When the cannonball is fired as a projectile, when it hits the ground it subtracts terrain, making a crater and damages any enemies of the person who fired it in the detect range of the ball.


  1. WHEN [is projectile]
  2. …WHEN DO [play fx][fx:Dust Trail]
  3. WHEN [started to][bump][or][bump terrain]
  4. …WHEN DO [subtract terrain][sphere][radius][1.5]
  5. …WHEN DO [play fx][fx@ Fire Explosion][at position][position]
  6. …WHEN DO [play fx][fx: Stone Explosion][at position][position]
  7. WHEN [for each of][detect]
  8. …WHEN [not][creator][is ally with][it]
  9. …/…WHEN DO [damage][it][35]
  10. …/…WHEN DO [push it][away from][me][strength][10]

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