Interact to Unlock

Type: Assembly Brain
Level: not in gallery
Pages: 1
Description: Part of the Crate with Keycard Assembly. This brain can be found in the Access Terminal attached to, and power attached to, the crate. It uses the keycard in the assembly as a key to open the crate.


Access Terminal

  1. WHEN [not][ has power][and][iwp:keycard (hologram)][visible][equal to false]
  2. …WHEN [interacted]
  3. …/…WHEN [not][it][inventory][contains][iwp:keycard] DO [play sound][sound:Access terminal Reject]
  4. …/…/…WHEN DO [iwp:keycard (hologram)][visible][equals][true]
  5. …/…/…WHEN DO [iwp:keycard (hologram)][brain is active][equals][true]
  6. …/…WHEN [once][it][inventory][contains][iwp:keycard] DO [play sound][sound:Access Terminal Accept]
  7. …/…/…WHEN DO [power on]
  8. …/…/…WHEN DO [destroy][iwp:keycard]

Keycard (hologram)

  1.  WHEN DO [turn][quickly]
  2. WHEN DO [solid color][equals][red]
  3. WHEN DO [hologram][red]
  4. WHEN [countdown timer][1] DO [visible][equals][true]
  5. …WHEN DO [brain is active][equals][false]


To make the keycard hologram appear all the time after the first interaction.

Remove line 4/5 from the keycard hologram.
Add a power attachment from the crate to the keycard
Add line 1 with everything else as a child line

WHEN [not][has power]

To make the hologram more transparent

WHEN [countdown timer][1][in frames][loop] DO [toggle][visible]

remove the and statement from line 1 of the Access Terminal



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