Knight Practicing

Type: Assembly Brain
Level: not in gallery
Pages: 2
Description: Part of the Combat Wing assembly. This knight attacks a practice dummy while circling it.


page 1 @Attack Target Dummy

  1. WHEN [once] DO [equip][Knight Practice Sword]
  2. …WHEN DO [team][equals][team 1]
  3. WHEN [page entered] DO [numvar:max random number][equals][3]
  4. WHEN DO [boolvar: hasnt taunted][equals][true]
  5. WHEN [boolvar:hasnt dodged]
  6. …WHEN DO [numvar:distance to target][equals][(][(][distance to][IWP:practice dummy][)][minus][numvar:spacing][)]
  7. …WHEN DO [dodge][in direction][forward][distance][numvar:distance to target]
  8. …WHEN DO [boolvar:hasnt dodged][equals][false]
  9. …WHEN DO [numvar:attack hits][equals][0]
  10. WHEN [not][hasnt dodged] DO [numvar:attack type][equals][random number][as integer][1][to][numvar: max random number]
  11. …WHEN [numvar:attack type][equal to][1] DO [attack][IWP:practice dummy][light]
  12. …WHEN [numvar:attack type][equal to][2] DO [attack][iwp:practice dummy]
  13. …WHEN [numvar:attack type][equal to][3] DO [attack][iwp:practice dummy][heavy]
  14. WHEN [attack hit][light]
  15. …WHEN [numvar:attack hits][incement by][1]
  16. …WHEN DO [play fx][fx:wood explosion][scale][0.2][at position][IWp:practice dummy][volume][0]
  17. …/…WHEN DO [play sound][sound:Impact Hay][pitch][1]
  18. WHEN [attack hit]
  19. …WHEN DO [numvar:attack hits][increment by][1]
  20. …WHEN DO [play fx][fx:Wood explosion][scale][0.3][at position][iwp:practice dummy][volume][0]
  21. …/…WHEN Do [play sound][sound:Impact Hay][pitch][1]
  22. WHEN [attack hit][heavy]
  23. …WHEN DO [numvar:attack hits][increment by][1]
  24. …WHEN DO [play fx][fx:Wood explosion][scale][0.5][at position][iwp:practice dummy][volume][0]
  25. …/…WHEN Do [play sound][sound:Impact Hay][pitch][1]
  26. WHEN [numvar:attack hits][greater than r equal to][random number][as integer][5][to][10]
  27. …WHEN DO [boolvar:hasnt dodged][equals][true]
  28. …WHEN DO [switch page][page: @Strafe Around Target Dummy]

page 2 @Strafe Around Target Dummy

  1. WHEN [page entered] DO [numvar:move dorection][equals][random number][1][to][2]
  2. WHEN [boolvar:hasnt dodged] DO [dodge][in direction][backward][with strafing][distance][2]
  3. …WHEN DO [boolvar:hasnt dodged][equals][false]
  4. WHEN [not][boolvar:hasnt dodged]
  5. …WHEN DO [turn][toward][iwp:practice dummy][quickly]
  6. …WHEN [numvar:move direction][equal to][1] DO [move][in direction][left]
  7. …WHEN [numvar:move direction][equal to][2] DO [move][in direction][right
  8. …WHEN [countdown timer][3] DO [boolvar:hasnt dodged][equals][true]
  9. …/…WHEN DO [switch page][page: @Attack Target Dummy]
  10. WHEN [boolvar: hasnt taunted]
  11. …WHEN [page entered] DO [numvar:random number][equals][random number][as integer][1][to][10]
  12. …WHEN DO [boolvar:hasnt taunted][equals][false]
  13. WHEN [detect][player]
  14. …WHEN [numvar:random number][equal to][1] DO [say][text: Youre not the boss…]
  15. …WHEN [numvar:random number][equal to][2] DO [say][text: En garde]
  16. …WHEN [numvar:random number][equal to][1] DO [say][text: Die foul beast]


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