January 2018

Website Update

School of Kode
Brain Tiles 334
Written Tutorials 115  (+5)
Video Tutorials 359  (+8)
Prop Gallery 58 (+19)
Brain Gallery 129 (+23)

Project Spark Archive
Compilations  63
Community Levels 611 (+35)
Post Shutdown Video 9


In December I concentrated on the prop gallery and started working through the brains in the Dakota-made assemblies. It is amazing how bad the kode in those actually was. Many brains do not work correctly, so I have been working on correcting those brains so you can use them. I will be continuing that in January.

I purchased the web address projectspark.co.uk so now the School of Kode website can be found using that address rather than the wordpress address.

I have been streaming Project Spark content twice a week. Tuesdays hour is just me making landscapes and props, while Wednesdays it is me and Dannyboy3600 making whatever our viewers request. So far we have made waterfalls, monkeys, death animations and superheroes, and I have made a cave, a COD map, some furniture and Xmas trees. See the streaming schedule for 2018.

I started a website for the PS4 Dreams which will be coming out in 2018. It will be a similar site to this, with links to written and video tutorials as the community starts to make them.



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