Emoting Villagers

Type: Assembly Brain
Level: not in gallery
Pages: various
Description: In the Combat Wing assembly are various villager and knight characters that stand around emoting. Here are their brains


Villager 1

  1. WHEN [once] DO [team][equals][team 1]
  2. WHEN [countdown timer][8][loop] DO [emote][mad]
  3. WHEN [countdown timer][14][loop] DO [emote][Disagree]
  4. WHEN [countdown timer][25][loop] DO [emote][Agree]

Villager 2

  1. WHEN [once] DO [team][equals][team 1]
  2. WHEN [countdown timer][1.5][;oop] DO [emote][cheer]

Villager 3

  1. WHEN [once] DO [team][equals][team 1]
  2. WHEN [countdown timer][12][loop] DO [emote][cheer]
  3. WHEN [countdown timer][8][loop] DO [emote][Disagree]
  4. WHEN [countdown timer][15][loop] DO [emote][Agree]

Villager 4

  1. WHEN [once] DO [team][equals][team 1]
  2. WHEN [countdown timer][4.5][loop] DO [emote][disagree]

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