Camera Look at Target

Type: Assembly Brain
Level: not in gallery
Pages: 1
Description: This assembly has a logic cube power attached to a camera gizmo. As the player walks into the trigger one the camera activates and shows the position of the logic cube.

This brain is almost completely useless, as the trigger zone is attached to the target. So the camera just awkwardly judders when the player is in the trigger zone as the cameras are switched ( and the view is not really much different). Cannot see a use for this as it is.


Camera gizmo

  1. WHEN [has power] DO [look at target]

Trigger cube

  1. WHEN [in trigger zone][player] DO [power on]
  2. WHEN [no longer][in trigger zone][player] DO [power off]


To use this brain as a triggered camera shot you need to separate the zone from the target. Put all the kode in the cube into the camera and detach the power. Change [look at target] [IWP:trigger cube].

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