Weapon Store

Type: Assembly Brain
Level: not in gallery
Pages: 1
Description: Shows description of object in a store only if the item is attached to the sign and not equipped. When another weapon is selected the object is not returned to the pedestal. Part of the Blacksmiths Forge Assembly. For a better version see Alterations.


  1. WHEN [IWP: Fighter Masster Sword][attached][and][not][Fighter Masters Sword][equipped]
  2. …WHEN [detect][player]
  3. …/…WHEN DO [say][text:Wind Sword][as text box]


To get the sword back on the pedestal when you choose another, or equip something else then add this kode. It will only return the weapon to the blacksmiths forge if you are at it, otherwise it will drop it as normal and you can pick it up again.

In sign brain remove all tiles from [and] in line 1.

In weapon brain add

  1. WHEN [once] DO [vectorvar:start posiiton][equals][position]
  2. WHEN [not][equipped]
  3. …WHEN [distance to][IWP:Blacksmiths Forge (Glued Object)][less than][5]
  4. …/…WHEN [started to] DO [position][equals][vectorvar:start position]
  5. …/…/….WHEN DO [up][equals][world up]
  6. …/…/… WHEN DO [physics type][equals][fixed]
  7. …/…/… WHEN [not attached] DO [attach][IWP:Rustic sign]
  8. …/…WHEN [else]
  9. …/…/….WHEN [interacted] DO [equip][me]

add to WHEN [equipped] as child line.

WHEN DO [physics type][equals][tumbling]


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