Astro Marine – Advanced

Type: Allies brain
Level: not in gallery
Pages: 6
Description: Found in the Astro Marine Advanced Assembly. It is an ally brain. The marine is armed with a gun and grenades. The size of the marine is randomized so if you spawn a few of them they will not be identical in size.

Contains 89 lines of kode

page 1 @Combat Follower
lines 3-5 create a random sized marine
kode on this page creates a follower out of the marine

page 2 @Wander
kode on this page creates a patrolling, wandering instruction

page 3 @Follow Leader
kode on this page has the marine follow the player

page 4 @Enemy Detection and Combat Movement
kode on this page identifies enemies and moves the marine to combat positions

page 5 @Combat Attacks
kode on this page controls melee, firing and grenade throwing

page 6 @Dialogue
kode on this page displays the marines speech which is responsive to actions or randomised.


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