Assemblies K

  • KO:VIR Blaster Drone (1 character, 5 props +12 created KO:VIR Blaster Drone)1
  • KO:VIR Raider Drone (1 character,  5 props +3 created KO:VIR Raider Drone)1
  • KO:VIR Rebel – Advanced (1 character, 2 props, KO:VIR Rebel Advanced)
  • KO:VIR Vandal Drone (1 character, 13 props +22 created KO:VIR Vandal Drone)1
  • Kodian Archives (405 props, Automatic Door, Toggle Power on Interact, )2
  • Kodian Golem Guardian (1 character, 22 props + 2 created Kodian Golem Guardian)1
  • Kodian Golem Marauder (1 character 38 props Kodian Golem Marauder)1
  • Kodian Golem Sentinel (1 character, 38 props, Kodian Golem Sentinel )1
  • Kodite Conveyor (100 props + more created every few seconds)3

  1. This brain uses multibrain to add brains that are completely inaccessible as they are not part of the gallery. I will not be writing it out as you cannot amend or see this kode.
  2. This large assembly is a building containing a holographic astrolabe. The assembly contains many small brains to rotate objects and play fx.
  3. This large assembly is a massive machine with a holographic conveyor belt transporting kodite chunks. If left running for a long time it would eventually cause your game to lag and fail. It also has a fault where the kodite collects on the conveyor and then falls off the machine. None of it is attached to each other so it is a nightmare to delete or move.I do not recommend using it.

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