Assemblies F

  1. WARNING. Contains a sound bug. After testing this prop, the candle fires its fireworks and the sound they create becomes a permanent addition to your create world AND your test world for that session. Even deleting the prop has no effect. However if you save, exit and return, the sound is gone. The fault is in the Firework candle prop itself. Use the brain in other props and it should be fine.
  2. For some reason this stall is infested with squirrels.They use logic cubes for positioning but they do not work correctly because they are resting on a glued object, and instead of being in the position of the cubes the squirrels are floating in mid air or being forced in and out of a barrel. There seems no reason to have the logic cubes at all when you can place the squirrels in the positions required, remove all kode from their brains and then attach them to the glued object.

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