Assemblies D

  • Desert Rock Arch A (22 props, plus sound and fx)1
  • Desert Rock Arch B (38 props, plus sound and fx)1
  • Desert Rock Group A (8 props)
  • Desert Rock Group B (35 props)2
  • Desert Rock Group C (47 props plus sound and fx)1
  • Desert Rock Pillar A (18 props)
  • Desert Rock Pillar B (29 props plus sound and fx)3
  • Desert Skeleton A (7 props)
  • Desert Skeleton B (35 props)
  • Door with Key (2 props, Locked Door, Bump Player Pick up Me)
  • Dragon Passage (19 props Dragon Passage)4
  • Drilling Machine (7 props Drill Machine)
  • Dungeon Builder Kit (230 props, Manual Door)
  • Dungeon Generator (random amounts5, Dungeon Generator)
  • Dungeon Keep (143 props, Manual Door)
  • Dungeon Prison (207 props, Manual Door)

  1. Warning: These props are very noisy. Also they are not glued together so be sure of position when you place them.
  2. There are some rocks and a skull that float strangely in this assembly. You may want to move or delete them. Again, this assembly is not glued and is difficult to position once stamped into your world.
  3. Another noisy assembly with some rocks oddly floating in the air which you may want to delete.
  4. This assembly contains a white and a black cube. Neither of which have any kode in them and are invisible. The white cube is attached, the black cube is loose. Deleting them has no affect on the assembly, not sure why they are included.
  5. This creates anywhere between 1500-1800 objects and 8 goblin enemies.

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