I need your input!

By LadylexUK

In order to keep this website useful to all you Project Sparkers out there I need to make sure that I am adding content that you want and need. However, with absolutely no feedback, I don’t know if I am putting the correct items on the website. I also need ideas on the sort of tutorials you want – more basic stuff, more advanced stuff? Would you like to see more articles, more video tutorials? What subjects would you like to see covered? Do you like the game mechanics breakdowns? Do you like the brain gallery? What would you like me to expand on?

The forum is not being used, but I do not understand why. Anyone like to say why they haven’t signed up? I thought it would be the ideal place to request help and provide help, as you can type more words and write out code snippets, which you cannot do on the xbox club. It has had only 1 sign up so far. Nobody want a place to discuss PS?

I want to add things to this website and make sure it is active and not stagnant, and I would really like to add other peoples stuff to this. If you would like to contribute articles or tutorials or a blog then let me know and I will set you up with access. I would really like to collaborate with other fans of Project Spark.

Lets keep the Spark alive.


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