Interact – Heal (MedKit)

Type: Prop Brain
Level: not in gallery
Pages: 1
Description: An alternative to the Interact Heal brain. This is found in the Astro Medical Kit. The kit spins around, heals the player when interacted with then is destroyed with a jet of blue flame.


  1. WHEN [until][interacted] DO [yaw][2] // this spins the kit clockwise
  2. WHEN [after][interacted]
  3. …WHEN [once] DO [power on] // this plays the kits “opening” animation
  4. …WHEN [once] DO [heal][it][0.25][multiplied by][it][max health] // restores 1/4 of players health
  5. …WHEN [once] DO [play fx][fx:Heal][on][it]
  6. …WHEN [countdown timer][1]
  7. …/…WHEN DO [play fx][fx:Spark Exodus]
  8. …/…WHEN DO [destroy]


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