Why you should join the Project Spark Team Club

By LadylexUK

If you have an Xbox and you have Project Spark then you should really consider joining the Project Spark Team Club. There are over 400 members currently and nearly 500 followers who regularly view posts made by members.

Started by Dannyboy3600, the creator of the Horror Movie Ride series, this club is very active with many people posting their finished and work in progress projects. There are posts every day of videos and screenshots, discussion and challenges and competitions. Its a friendly space where you can see some great creativity, have a laugh, and share, share, share.

It really is a great way of showing the world what you have made in Project Spark on the Xbox, now that the Community servers are down. I am also making a monthly compilation video of all creations posted for YouTube called Spark Tales, so potentially a lot more people could see your work. So you do not have to think Project Spark is dead and buried. It is very much alive and enjoyed by hundreds of people.

Danny’s goal is to get 1000 members so that Microsoft will take notice and possibly work on bringing Project Spark back in some form. Whether likely or not, the club is still a lot of fun to belong to, so invite your friends, invite old Sparkers who you think might like it. Lets get those numbers up.


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