December 2017

Website Update for

School of Kode
Brain Tiles 334
Written Tutorials 110  (+17)
Video Tutorials 351 337 (+14)
Prop Gallery 39
Brain Gallery 106 (+9)

Project Spark Archive
Compilations  63 (+2)
Community Levels 576 (+136)
Post Shutdown Video 9 (+6)


November was very busy with the prop gallery completed and a new Tutorial series “Game mechanics Breakdowns” started. There was also a redesign on the tutorial site (I hope you like it). The archive hit 500 game titles in the A-Z, and a lot more post shutdown creations were discovered.

In December I will be continuing to develop the Prop Gallery and writing out the brains that were in props only and never made it to the brain gallery for some reason. I may also start on the other Galleries such as Assemblies, Characters, FX and Sound.

SuperSonicStation has announced a Gamejam of Christmas Themed games with a deadline of Jan 1st. US entrants may also get a prize! So look out for some interesting videos in the new year.

I have re-started Spark Tales so check out my YouTube Channel for monthly videos, plus weekly tutorials and playthroughs of my own games. I have also joined Mixer and hope to be streaming along with SuperSonicStation (Dannyboy3600) where we will make things and discuss Project Spark past and future.


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