Create Mode: Controller buttons

By SparkBrian

Create Mode UI (Controller Config)

  • Right Trigger places props in prop mode.
  • Left Trigger snaps an object to the ground in prop mode.
  • Holding Left Bumper brings up menu wheel and scale option. (for props it gives additional menu options: Y = Brain, X = Delete, B = Character Studio, A = Edit)
  • Left and Right on the D-Pad cycles through paint and biome palettes.
  • Pressing the back button will use the undo tool.
  • View + Right thumbstick to the left cycles through undo points.
  • View + Right thumbstick to the right cycles through redo points.
  • A button activates and selects buttons on the tools menu to left.
  • Right Bumper + Up/Down on the Left Joystick zooms the camera in/out.
  • When sculpting, Right Trigger is for positive sculpting like expanding and adding terrain. Left Trigger switches to negative sculpting such as eroding and subtracting terrain.
  • Pressing in on the Right thumbstick will cycle through different zooming ditances.
  • Using X brings your cursor down in the world, while using Y brings your cursor up in the world.
  • Holding down on the D-Pad turns on and off snap to grid.
  • Pressing up on the D-Pad opens up your gallery (Materials, Biome or Prop gallery)

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