Swinging from a horizontal bar

By LadylexUK

Part of the Tomb Raider Breakdown. In Tomb Raider Lara can jump to horizontal bars and swing from them to jump gaps. I have worked out a way to do this in Project Spark. It does require a kinect emote (sorry if you do not have this facility, but there is no other way to get a character to emote their arms in the air above their head).

Step One
Create your kinect emote of Lara with her hands in the air. 5 seconds should be plenty.

Step Two
Create a copy of your Lara character. Attach to the horizontal pole you are going to swing from. Position so the hands  when emoting are touching the bar.Make her invisible. In the brain:

WHEN  DO [emote][hands in air]

Step Three
Create a logic cube and place it where Lara will land after completing the swing. Call it “end position”

Step Four
Create a step that will be recognised as the place to jump from. A cube or slab is ideal. Place the bar in position in front of this step at a distance that Lara will jump to. In the brain:

  1. WHEN [bump][player]
  2. …WHEN [it][jumping][and][left stick][up direction] // so the play has to push up and jump to jump for the bar.
  3. …/….WHEN [started to] DO [objvar:target][equals][it]
  4. ../…/…WHEN DO [objvar:target][visible][equals][false]
  5. …/…/…WHEN DO [IWP:lara copy][visible][equals][true]
  6. …/…/…WHEN [boolvar:swing][equals][true]
  7. WHEN [boolvar:swing]
  8. …WHEN [countdown timer][0.5]
  9. …/…WHEN DO [objvar:target][position][equals][IWP:end position][position]
  10. …/…WHEN DO [IWP:lara copy][visible][equals][false]
  11. …/…WHEN DO [objvar:taget][visible][equals][true]
  12. …/…WHEN [countdown timer][0.5]
  13. …/…/…WHEN DO [boolvar:swing][equals][false]

Step 5
In the brain of the bar:

  1. WHEN [IWP:step][boolvar:swing]
  2. …WHEN [duration timer][0.5] DO [yaw][quickly][invert]
  3. …WHEN [countdown timer][0.5]
  4. …/…WHEN [duration timer][0.5] DO [yaw][quickly] // this puts the bar back ready for another swing

Obviously it is not perfect as you do not see the jump from the bar to the ground, but it happens quite fast so the effect is okay.

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