Side Stepping around Ledges

By LadylexUK

Part of The Tomb Raider breakdown series of tutorials. In this tutorial we will create a side stepping mechanic for mountain ledges. In this your character will have their back to the wall and side step along the edge to the end. As it uses the strafing animation it is not the cautious movement of heels together, and the player crosses his legs as he moves. You could try creating a kinect emote and moving the player while connected to an invisible cube with the movement brain in as she emotes the correct movement, but this is difficult to get looking right. This is the easiest method.

For this create a logic cube and put their trigger censor all along the ledge. You are limited to the maximum size of the trigger zone.
Create another logic cube. Call it Ledge Walking Brain. Turn the cube so the forward facing side is facing the way you want your player to face.

In your player brain you need to change the Follow Camera Line to:

WHEN DO [follow camera][transition easing][ease to]

In your logic cube with the trigger

  1. WHEN [started to][in trigger zone][IWP:player] DO [it][push brain][IWP: Ledge Walking Brain]

In your Ledge Walking Brain. Copy the player brain page 1 and paste it into page 2. Remove the action controls and the camera.

page 1

  1. WHEN [IWP:trigger cube][in trigger zone][me]
  2. …WHEN DO [forward][equals][IWP:Ledge Walking Brain][forward]
  3. …WHEN DO [pace][equals][0.3]
  4. …WHEN [left stick] DO [move][with strafing][left and right]
  5. …WHEN DO [boom camera][Boom camera 1][transition easing][ease between] // set up the camera to look at the player from the front
  6. …WHEN DO [call page][2]
  7. …WHEN [else] DO [pace][=][1]
  8. …/…WHEN DO [pop brain]


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