Interaction changes with player level

By LadylexUK

This was written as part of the Tomb Raider Breakdown. In Tomb Raider there are various murals and carvings that Lara cannot read until she is proficient enough, if she can read them the murals and carvings increase her proficiency level. Interacting with objects that is different depending on a variable could be used for opening doors or crates as well.

For this example I am going to use some display text that only appears when the player is at a certain level. We will put down 4 gravestones. The player will need to read the inscriptions on the first 3 gravestones before he can read the last one.

In the first 3 gravestones put this:

  1. WHEN [interacted] DO [boolvar:show][equals][true]
  2. …WHEN DO [objvar:target][equals][it]
  3. WHEN [boolvar:show]
  4. …WHEN [once] DO [objvar:target][numvar:read level][increment by][1]
  5. …WHEN [detect][objvar:target] DO [say][Text:Rest in Peace][as text box]
  6. …WHEN [not][detect][objvar:target] DO [boolvar:show][equals][false]

In the fourth gravestone put this:

  1. WHEN [interacted] DO [boolvar:show][equals][true]
  2. …WHEN DO [objvar:target][equals][it]
  3. WHEN [boolvar:show]
  4. …WHEN [detect][objvar:target]
  5. …WHEN [objvar:target][read level][greater than or equal to][3] DO [say][Text:Gone but nor Forgotten[as text box]
  6. …/…WHEN [once] DO [objvar:target][numvar:read level][increment by][1]
  7. …/…WHEN [else] DO [say][Text: You do not understand the text]
  8. …WHEN [not][detect][objvar:target] DO [boolvar:show][equals][false]

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