Game mechanic breakdown: Rise of the Tomb Raider

A good way of developing your Project Spark koding skills is to try to recreate game mechanics from AAA games. You can then use these game mechanics to create your own games. Here is the breakdown of game mechanics from Rise of the Tomb Raider. I will attempt to make these and will edit this with tutorials if I manage to do it. Better still, you have a go at it and post your results in the comments below.

Lara’s Movement Skills

Axe climbing – up and across
Axes are available in Project Spark, but as weapons and you cannot have dual wielding. Although it is possible to climb using a combination of vector movement and kinect animation, the lack of the ability to swing your axe in both hands really make this impossible to do effectively (certainly not using the axes available). As a third person game, it also means you cannot fake it like you can in 1st person mode. Having said all that there is probably a way to make something. Any ideas?

Side stepping around ledges
Lara walks around mountain ledges with her back to the wall. Side Stepping around Ledges

Ledge climbing
Vertical platforming, jumping from handhold to handhold. Project Spark is not really designed to do this. You can create a wall climbing mechanic using a mixture of vector positioning and kinect emotes. There is a danger that it looks a bit rubbish, but I will work on this.

Zip lines
I have seen this done in Project Spark games, so I know it is possible. I have attempted to make this mechanic but not happy with the results.I used a path, and attached the player to an object that moved down the path, but I could only get it to work if the player only used the zip line once. I also found it very hard to position the player so it looked right. Anyone else have a good mechanism for this?

Pole leaping
Lara jumps to poles and swings from them. Swinging from a horizontal bar


Lara’s Interactions

Torches and glow sticks
Lara often lights up her surroundings by holding a torch or glow stick that automatically comes on. Automatic and Manual Torches

Survival instinct
Press RB for objects of interest to light up with a yellow glow.  Highlighting objects of interest

Examine objects
Press x when prompted to examine object – voice over or cut scene. This is the same as the PS interact button – which usually uses B but it is easy enough to change in the player brain. No tutorial necessary just replace all instances of B as an icon or control button in the player brain for an X.

Force open crates
This uses a repeated button press mechanic to build up a meter to open a crate. Tutorials about Treasure Chests

Learning display meter
As Lara interacts with murals and monuments she levels up her language skills.  Interaction changes with player level

Slow motion quick time events
In dangerous situations the game goes into slow motion and you have to quickly press buttons or shoot targets. Quick Time Events

Aiming and shooting with a reticule
Lara uses both hands when firing her gun – this is not possible with Project Spark. However, swapping to a first person brain when aiming is competely do-able. Use multibrain or page switches.

Quests, Inventory and Maps

Map of caches
As Lara learns more from reading monuments she learns of coin caches to collect which are marked on the map. Use Fast Checkpoint Map System

Resources are marked in the world by a diamond shape
Like the survival instinct button.  Highlighting objects of interest

Collect resources to build fire, shelter and weaponry
You can expand on the basic tutorial : Making a fire by collecting wood

Collection challenges
A very simple basic mechanic. Collection Challenges

Base camps
For weapon upgrades etc. Straightforward if a little time consuming.


Limited ammo
Basic Tutorials on Weapons and Ammo

Fire Arrows
With a touch of a button arrows can light and be used to catch things on fire. Fire arrows










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