Game mechanic breakdown : Ghost Recon Wildlands

By LadylexUK

A good way of learning kode is to breakdown the game mechanics of your favourite games and try to recreate them in Project Spark. Here is a breakdown of the 3rd person shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands. I will be working on these slowly. If you have any solutions please use the comments.

Vehicles to drive
Vehicle hijack
NPC Vehicles
Limited ammo and ammo crates
Swapping weapons (Grenades, C4 and Flashbangs (Ghost Recon) )
C4 (Grenades, C4 and Flashbangs (Ghost Recon) )
FlashBangs (Grenades, C4 and Flashbangs (Ghost Recon) )
Tagging crates
Night vision
Heat vision
Helicopter to fly
Plane to fly
Quest Map and Fast Travel
Drone Tagging
Binoculars and Tagging
Base alarms
Base electricity
NPC enemy guards
Enemy interrogation
Enemy capture and escape
Quest compass and in world targets
Day and Night Cycle – see Game Mechanics, many tutorial options

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