Game mechanic breakdown: Destiny 2

By LadylexUK

One of the best ways of learning koding is to breakdown your favourite game into its game mechanics and see if you can recreate them in Project Spark. Here is a list of Destiny 2 mechanics (which is a Sci Fi 1st person shooter).

First person shooter camera
Check out the default brain 1st person shooter advanced

Limited ammo and ammo drops
I used something similar in Wonderland Attacks.  Limited Ammo and Ammo Drops

Weapon swapping
You have a choice of 3 weapons in Destiny2. Weapon Swapping (Education Stream)

Loot drops
You pick up loot throughout the game. Some of these are weapons, some currency, some armour, some ammo . All the loot drops look roughly the same (maybe a color change or two). There are many tutorials on loot drops look at the Game Mechanics page for a list.

Drop pods for enemy delivery
This is an interesting animation that disintegrates a pod that drops from a drop ship to reveal enemies inside. A bit of a challenge to create the shape of this, but something with a similar feel could be made.

Ships for enemy delivery
Enemies hang off the sides of the ship and drop to the ground. Very doable.

Spawn areas that player cannot enter
Very easy to do and quite effective for spawning. Spawning areas that the player cannot enter

Enemies that hide behind scenery and pop in and out to shoot you
This is a little complicated, and I have tried and failed with this in the past, but I have a few ideas so may be able to come up with something.

Super power when level is full and reduces as you use it.
Pretty straightforward. Chargeable weapons

Mission,Adventure and Patrol flags
These activate quests, and put markers in the world. Quest Markers

Map with fast travel points and quest markers to select
Have a look at Fast Track Checkpoints (by map)

Compass with quest marker and enemy indicators
Someone made a very good compass that did this. Anyone have it and can write out the kode used?

Bike (Sparrow)
A hoverbike should be okay to make, after all they are similar to that used in X-Zero. However, not my area of expertise. Anyone else like a go?


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