Prop Count and how to work with it

You may find that you are hitting your maximum object count of 4,000 props. Now that sounds a lot but be aware of this:

  1. Glue counts as a prop in itself.
  2. Templates count as props.
  3. Logic cubes, sound gizmos all count as props.
  4. The advanced usage metric does not go red as you reach the prop limit – in fact you can create 4007 props before its starts making a funny noise, and never goes red.
  5. In edit mode you can only place 3500 props in your world.
  6. You cannot get to 0 objects. A completely empty world has 8 objects in it.

How to reduce your prop usage

  1. If you are hitting the limit of 3500 props in edit mode you could try using templates for repeated objects and place them using kode and vector position. Obviously this is only effective if you are creating 3 or more identical props as you are adding 2 props to create this (a template and a logic cube with the vector kode). It is a lot of work though, so you may want to try paring down your design first.
  2. Try to use glue sparingly. If you can get away with it do not glue objects that have fixed physics if they are not going to move. Houses for example.  If you are going to glue try to glue the object in one go rather than in parts.
  3. If you are creating too many objects above the 4000 limit consider destroying the ones you no longer need. You can add your objects in kode to an object set and destroy them all using the [for each of] tile when no longer needed.
  4. Do not use the biome wizard. It places a lot of, mostly unwanted, effects, props and characters to your world.
  5. Make sure all projectiles have a lifetime setting so they are not created and remain in your world.
  6. Be careful of using the pre-made assemblies, they can be prop heavy.

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