November 2017

Website Update for 1 Nov 2017

School of Kode
Brain Tiles 334
Written Tutorials 93  (+14)
Video Tutorials 337 (+35)
Prop Gallery 74 (+38)
Brain Gallery 98 (+59)

Project Spark Archive
Compilations  61 (+28)
Community Levels 440 (+190)
Post Shutdown Video 3 (+3)


I concentrated on completing the Brain Gallery and Prop Gallery in October. All pre-made brains have been written up (with a couple of exceptions) and I found out some interesting things about Team Dakota’s koding (not all good). I have posted some ideas on how to improve the pre-made brains, and I would love to hear your ideas on that. Please leave your comments with your additions and changes that improve the pre-made brains.

I have changed my idea on having a page for every prop in the prop gallery and instead I have gone with lists. I am currently adding all the images to the list pages and will work on giving more info gradually. I am considering making lists of objects according to their shape too, let me know if that would be useful to you (such as all long straight-ish props, round props, square props etc..).

I have added a few tutorials from the now removed Official Forum (using Wayback Machine) and are working through the various lists I made of tutorials. I am leaving some of them out as they are repeats of previous tutorials and have little to add, or are irrelevant now. Unfortunately those tutorials that used kodeshare to demonstrate kode are now completely unusable due to the website no longer existing, so that is most of the tutorials, and pretty much all of the Project Spark wiki tutorials and brain gallery. Still lots more still available though. I am adding gradually.

I completed my FPS game Wonderland Attacks which is available on YouTube. I have broken down some of the kode I used into tutorials so you too can make a FPS. I cant wait to see more YouTube Lets Plays of post-2016 creations. It is actually quite a lot of fun to make a game still, even though not many people will get to play it. There are up-sides:

  1. You dont need to worry about adding PC controls
  2. You dont need to worry about people stepping out of the defined game area so you dont have to put invisible barriers up everywhere- as you are playing and filming it.
  3. The game will get played the way you expected it to, and therefore any bugs you put in the game that only came up when people did things you didnt expect are never a problem.
  4. You can make it look even better than PS could ever make it as you can add text, images and sound to your gameplay in post-production video editing. I havent done that yet, because I dont have any video editing software at the moment (a computer recovery lost my program).

I am going to restart Spark Tales when I get some editing software using the posts from the Project Spark Team Club on Xbox One. Should be fun, you are all posting up great creations. Thinking one a month.

The archive is going great guns. Should hit 500 this month. Who knew there were so many video plays of Project Spark games! Still waiting on some new creation videos to pop up. Would hate the list to just be me and Lucid Stew (check out his awesome Sea of Thieves Playlist of videos).

Still feeling a bit lonely on here with absolutely no interaction in the way of comments. I know people are viewing the site. It would be nice to get some feedback. After all, I might be doing this all wrong, and not adding the features, articles and tutorials you actually want.

Still lots to do. When I have finished the prop gallery I will start on the other Gallery sections: FX, sound, Characters and Assemblies. This is quickly turning into a Wiki style site but done by just one person.  Well, thats fine. Happy to be the Project Spark archivist and encyclopedist (not that that is a word).


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