How I made Wonderland Attacks

This First Person shooter was built in approx 3 weeks, a total of around 20-30 hours.

The Story
You play a scavenging trader who is on the look-out for electronic salvage. You travel the universe in your spaceship aided by a computer AI called Celeste. You come across an abandoned theme park called Alice World and decide to investigate. Unfortunately you lose all communication with your ship and all the doors are locked, so you must make your way through the park to get to the Operations Room and free yourself. Unfortunately the animatronics have gone rogue, and attack you at every opportunity.

The game
This is a first person shooter with a limited ammo gun. The enemies are different in each room. Some rooms have minions only, other rooms have a boss and minions. Each room has a different set up for the spawning, some are in waves, some are created by the boss. The bosses each have a different combat and defence. Minions drop ammo crates randomly on death. There is an emergency ammo crate that appears whenever you are completely out of ammo, in case you have failed to shoot everyone with the ammo provided. The bosses drop a pile of salvage for you to collect. You cannot exit the room until you have removed all the enemies.

Limited Ammo brain
Emergency Ammo Crate
Countdown Level Timer
Level gate opening brain
Score card

Room 1: Enchanted Garden
In this room we have two enemies. Dangerous Daisies and Snapdragons. They are flowers. They were made using the key and Fajo characters as bases. Dangerous Daisy is armed with a Chainsaw, while the Snapdragons shoot Fireballs. They are spawned in waves from a centralised spawner. There are 5 waves.

The Dangerous Daisies brain is based on the Melee Enemy brain
The Snapdragon brain is based on the Follower- Warrior brain
Spawning cube

Room 2: Mad Hatters Party
In this room we have the Mad Hatter boss who throws ankle munching hats at you. He will continue to do so until you kill him. The gate opens when he and his hats are all dead. There is a table of food to increase your health. The hats use the Void Fiend as a base.

Mad Hatter Brain is based on The Necromancer
Hattie McBitie Brain is based on the Melee Enemy Brain
Food brain

Room 3: Queen of Hearts Cafe
There is a vending machine in here with bottles of drink to increase your health. You may want to go back here after your encounters in rooms 4 and 5

Vending Machine Brain

Room 4: Croquet Lawn
There are two enemies here, the Club Guards who brandish flamingos, and the Heart Guards who have guns. They appear in waves.

Room 5: Queen of Hearts Castle
The Queen of Hearts boss throws jam tart drones at you. They shoot hot jam at you. When she has produced 10 tarts she will attack you with her scepter. She is invulnerable from attack until that point. The tarts use the KO:VIR Attack drone as a base.

Room 6: Cheshire Cat room
It looks dangerous but nothing happens here, The Cheshire Cat head just floats around on a path.

Room 7: Spaceship Parking
Alice waves you goodbye but although you can see your spaceship, the doors are locked. You will need to turn off the security computers so you can get out.

Room 8: Operations Room
When you turn off the last computer the White Rabbit appears and throws clocks at you. They will explode if they get close. They are built on the Birdy character model.The Rabbit has a force field you have to shoot down before you can injure him. When the force field is down he will attack you with a gun, then put the force field back up a second time, throw more clocks at you before it is down again and you can defeat him. Pick up the final scavenge pile and head for the exit door so you can leave and the game finishes.

Room 9: Game over

Based on Game Over on Timer

If you would like a description of any of the kode used that is not explained here then please leave your request in the comments below.


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