Prop Gallery F

  • Fancy Telescope
  • Fence Plank
  • Festival Banner A
  • Festival Banner B
  • Festival Tent Canopy
  • Festival Tent Large
  • Festival Tent Small
  • Fighter’s Legend Sword (Melee Weapon – Freeze)
  • Fighter’s Master Sword (Melee Weapon – Slow)
  • Fighter’s Shield (Equip)
  • Fighter’s Sword (Equip)
  • Fire Grill
  • Fire Pit (Interact to Power On Once)
  • Fire Poker (Equip)
  • Fireworks Candle1
  • Fireworks Rocket A (Fireworks Rocket A)
  • Fireworks Rocket B (Fireworks Rocket B)
  • Fish Bone
  • Floating Water Pool (specialist object with settings)
  • Football Helmet
  • Fortified Fence A
  • Fortified Fence B
  • Fortified Fence C
  • Fortified Fence Gate (Automatic Door)
  • Fortified Fence Post
  • Frozen Arch
  • Frozen Tree A
  • Frozen Tree B
  • Frozen Wave A
  • Frozen Wave B
  • Frying Pan (Equip)

  1. This prop is faulty. When powered on it starts burning and sparking. The sound continues into create and play mode and cannot be removed during the session, even when you power off or delete the prop. Best not to use.

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