Score – Kill Count

Type:Game Mechanic Brain
Level: 2 star
Pages: 1
Description: This displays a score based on player kills. Every time a player hits a character and it then dies the score is added to. It records all players kills into one score, so if there are multiple players there scores will not be individual (see Alterations).


  1. WHEN DO [display][text:Score][plus][numvar:current score][screen top center][x large font][yellow]
  2. WHEN [for each of][player]
  3. …WHEN [for each of][it][attack hit]
  4. …/…WHEN [it][is dead] DO [numvar:current score][increment by][1]


For multiple players with individual scores
In a game where you can play as multiple characters, each with their own scores this will not work. Try this

  1. WHEN [for each of][player] DO [objvar:player][equals][it]
  2. …WHEN [for each of][it][attack hit]
  3. …/…WHEN [it][is dead] DO[objvar:player] [numvar:current score][increment by][1]
  4. WHEN [for each of][player] DO [display][text:Score][plus][it][numvar:current score][x large font][yellow][above][it]

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