Phantom Footsteps Bug (Work Around)

Revised: 28 Feb 2018

There is a bad bug that was introduced to Project Spark just before they announced they were ceasing all development. The phantom footsteps bug. It affects characters that are using the 1st person camera or are invisible.

When a character walks around in follow camera mode you can hear his footsteps and see dust kicked up as he walks. It stops when he stops. If you make that character invisible however his walk is silent, until you fire and walk at the same time. This is when the bug happens. The footsteps and the dust effect continue to play even though you are not moving. If you fire again it stops. The bug is very obvious in first person camera mode where the character is invisible, and it is here where you are likely to come across the bug.

Here is a workaround solution.

Step 1. In your character properties change the sound volume to 0 and range to 1.

Step 2. Add a logic cube and make it a template. We will use this to fire when we stop moving which will cancel out the phantom footsteps.

Step 2. Add a logic cube to act as a sound board

  1. WHEN [global][numvar:gunshots][increased] DO [play sound][sound: laser rifle fire][everywhere]
  2. WHEN [IWP:player][moving] DO [play sound][sound:Avatar footsteps][everywhere]
    //You may also want to add grunts when jumping etc. Remember any player sounds are now very very quiet.

Step 3 In player brain

  1. WHEN [not][moving]
  2. …WHEN [started to] DO [shoot][IWP:logic cube][lifetime][0]
  3. WHEN [right trigger][pressed] DO [global][numvar:gunshots][incremented by][1] // assuming that you are firing using the right trigger (change as appropriate)






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