Melee Weapon – Slow

Type: Weapon Brain
Level: 2 star
Pages: 1
Description: When a player attacks an enemy with a weapon with this brain; the enemy is highlighted white and their pace is slowed. This uses the Debuff -Slow brain.


  1. WHEN DO [highlight][white]
  2. WHEN DO [play fx][fx:Spirit Drain][at socket][hold point][scale][0.75]
  3. WHEN DO [play sound][sound:Elemental Air Wind Loop][volume][25]
  4. WHEN [not][equipped]
  5. …WHEN [interacted] DO [it][equip][me]
  6. WHEN [equipped]
  7. …WHEN [for each of][owner][attack hit][light][or][owner][attack hit][or][owner][attack hit][heavy]
  8. …/…WHEN [for each of][them][owner][enemies]
  9. …/…/…WHEN DO [play sound][sound: Wind Rushing Movement][overlapping]
  10. …/…./…WHEN [not][it][has brain][Debuff- Slow] DO [it][add brain][Debuff – Slow]

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