Wandering Animal

Type: Animal Brain
Level: 3 star
Pages: 2
Description: The default brain for most animals (squirrel, desert cottontail etc). The animal is scared of the Player and will run away. Animal is not hostile and does not attack.


page 1 @Wander

  1. WHEN [countdown timer][2][hold time][4][loop] DO [move][at speed][0.15
  2. WHEN [countdown timer][2][loop] DO [numvar:turn direction][equals][random number][1][to][2][as integer]
  3. WHEN [moving]
  4. …WHEN [duration timer][2][loop]
  5. …/…WHEN [numvar:turn direction][equal to][1] DO [turn][in direction][right][slowly]
  6. …/…WHEN [numvar:turn direction][equal to][2] DO [turn][in direction][left][slowly]
  7. WHEN [bump] DO [turn][away from][it][quickly]
  8. WHEN [detect][player] DO [switch page][page: @ Flee from Player]

page 2 @ Flee from Player

  1. WHEN [page entered] DO [jump]
  2. WHEN [duration timer][1] DO [play sound][sound:Animal Squirrel Call]
  3. WHEN [detect][Player] DO [move][away from][it]
  4. WHEN [no longer][detect][player] DO [switch page][@Wander]


Reduce the jump height
I feel the jump is too high to be natural. Change line 1 on page 2
WHEN [page entered] DO [jump][jump height][divided by][2]

Friendly animal
Instead of having the animal run away, they could approach the player. Change page 2 line 3 to this
WHEN [detect][player] DO [move][toward][it]

If you don’t want the animal following the player continuously then add

WHEN [detect][player] DO [move][toward][it]
…WHEN [distance to][it][less than][2] DO [boolvar:follow][equals][true]
WHEN [boolvar:follow]
…WHEN [countdown timer][5] DO [boolvar: follow][equls][false] // change the length of time you want the animal to follow here
…/…WHEN DO [switch page][3]

page 3

WHEN DO [move][away from][player]
WHEN [not][detect][player] DO [switch page][page: @Wander]

Friendly then hostile if attacked
Change as above then add
WHEN [hit by attack] DO [push brain][brain:Hostile Creature]



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