Pickup – Cash Wad

Type: Prop Brain
Level: 3 star
Pages: 2
Description: Designed to be used in the Conker prop of Fajo the Money.  Turns to face player when in range. If not picked up the prop will jump every 5 seconds, and has a 1:2 chance of shouting “Somebody come get me” or “Oh there’s some money over here”. When the player is detected the prop disappears in an effect of falling money and a money counter is created and/or added to.

Note: The bouncing effect of Fajo the Money is not part of this brain but an inbuilt animation of the prop.


page 1 @Detect – Raise Money Count

  1. WHEN [distance to][player][less than][5]
    When player is within 5 meters of the money (make sure the detect radius is less than this)
  2. …WHEN DO [turn][toward][player]
  3. …WHEN [countdown timer][5]loop]
  4. …/…WHEN DO [jump][0.15]
  5. …/…WHEN [random number][less than][0.5] DO [play sound][sound: Voice Fajo money]
  6. …/…/…WHEN [else] DO [play sound][sound: Voice Fajo Get Me]

    Collect the  money

  7. WHEN [detect][player]
  8. …WHEN DO [play sound][sound:collect Cash]
  9. …WHEN DO [objvar:player][equals][it]
  10. …WHEN [not][objvar:player][has brain][Display Money Counter] DO [objvar:player][add brain][Display Money Counter] // Adds a brain which dispays the money counter
  11. …WHEN DO [objvar:player][numvar:money counter][increment by][100] // change this number to alter the value of the money
  12. …WHEN DO [objvar:player][pick up][me]
  13. …WHEN DO [play fx][fx: Cash burst][at position][position]
  14. …WHEN DO [switch page][page:@Drop Lower Money Count]

page 2 @Drop – Lower Money Count

  1. WHEN [started to][not][held in inventory]
  2. …WHEN DO [objvar:player][numvar:money counter][decrement by][100]
  3. …WHEN DO [switch page][page:@Detect – Raise Money Count]

Note: This page will decrease the money count if this particular prop is removed from the inventory. There is no mechanism in this brain to remove the money from the inventory you will have to create that yourself.



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