Kodian beacon /Interact to Paint

Type: Prop Brain
Level: 2 star
Pages: 1
Description: When interacted the prop turns on power, then after 1.5 seconds it paints the ground in a 5 meter circle around it and plays a special effect. It may be effective if used in a snowy landscape and the painted circle shows the ground when melted.

Note: Kodian Beacon and Interact to Paint are identical brains. Not a particularly useful brain, but it does demonstrate the paint tool.


  1. WHEN [not][power]
  2. …WHEN [interacted] DO [power on]
  3. WHEN [has power]
  4. …WHEN [countdown timer][1.5]
  5. …/…WHEN [numvar:paint radius][less than][5] DO [numvar:paint radius][increment by][0.1] // change the 5 for a bigger or smaller paint area, change the 0.1 to change the speed of the painting
  6. …/…/…WHEN DO [paint terrain][material slot 1][radius][numvar:paint radius]
  7. …/…/…WHEN DO [play fx][fx:Energy Orb][at socket][top side][scale][numvar: paint radius]




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