Bobbing object

Type: Prop Brain
Level: 3 star
Pages: 1
Description: This brain is named wrong as it does not cause the object to “bob” at all. Instead it causes Fixed or Character physics objects to rock side to side gently, while tumbling objects slightly move. A tumbling or character object will “bob” when in the water as a default. Suitable for a boat. Does not need the object to be in the water, though looks better when used here.


  1. WHEN [page entered]
  2. …WHEN DO [roll][-12.5]
  3. …WHEN DO [flying speed][equals][0.1]
  4. WHEN DO [move][in direction][move to][with flying]
  5. WHEN [countdown timer][0.25][loop] DO [move to][equals][random vector][inside][radius][20]
  6. WHEN DO [numvar:roll][increment by][0.1] // change this number to alter the speed of the roll
  7. WHEN DO [roll][sine][(][numvar:roll][multiplied by][50][)]



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