Random character Emote

Type: Enemy and Ally Additional Skills
Level: 2 star
Pages: 1
Description: Designed for an idle villager. When the character sees a player they will emote for 2 seconds. The emote is chosen from a choice of 3 – dance, cheer, greet – using a random number.

Note: Not particularly useful, however is a good example of a random number generator.


  1. WHEN [countdown timer][2][loop] DO [numvar:emote][equals][random number][0][to][2][as integer]
  2. WHEN [see][player]
  3. …WHEN [numvar:emote][equal to][0] DO [emote][dance]
  4. …WHEN [numvar:emote][equal to][1] DO [emote][cheer]
  5. …WHEN [numvar:emote][equal to][2] DO [emote][greet]


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