October 2017

Website Update for 2 October 2017

School of Kode
Brain Tiles 334
Written Tutorials 79  (+38)
Video Tutorials 303 (+10)
Prop Gallery 36 (+36)
Brain Gallery 37 (+37)

Project Spark Archive
Compilations 33 (+18)
Community Levels 250 (+124)
Post Shutdown Video 0

As you can see there has been a lot of additions to the site in September (363 pages!). Sadly absolutely no engagement on the site from visitors in term of comments. Which is a shame. However it is still early days, and it will take a while for word to get round that the site is available and Project Spark is still playable if you have it on your Xbox – which thousands of you have. Dont be afraid to engage with the site. Tell me what you would like to see and how you want this fan site to develop.

I am particularly pleased with the way the Brain gallery is going. Looking at the pre-made kode has been fascinating, and I have been able to add my own kode to these brains to make them even more awesome. Check out the Brain gallery pages for ideas on how to change and improve the standard brains.  Its amazing how easy it is to understand the brain once you can add some annotations and separate the kode up a bit. Only a few brains have not been tackled because of their complexity.

The prop gallery is also coming along well. I have tried to come up with interesting ideas for how to use the props in exciting ways, but I really need your input. Take a prop and see what you can do with it and leave your comments on the page.

I have used the Wayback Machine to find archive forum posts of interest and will be adding more Video and Written tutorials once I have completed the brain gallery.

The Community level archive is coming along nicely. Some really amazing levels that I never knew about, and wish I could have played. The versatility of the Project Spark Community was amazing, but it does not need to stop in the past. The Project Spark Team Club on Xbox One is a great place to post your videos of your new creations. There is a Halloween challenge for this month, so why not have a go at making a Halloween themed creation – it could be a monster design, a full game, a movie, whatever you would like. I have made a short platformer level with a werewolf transformation. Check out the Club and get an invite today. All welcome.


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