Idle villager

Type: Allies brain
Level: 1 star
Pages: 2
Description: An NPC brain. Almost identical to the Helpful Guard brain and is basically a signpost. Player interacts with villager who will say a message. Villager does not move other than to turn toward player.


Page 1 @Idle

  1. WHEN [see][Player] DO [turn][toward][it][slowly]
  2. WHEN [interacted] DO [switch page][page@Talk]

Page 2 @Talk

  1. WHEN [page entered[ DO [emote][Talk]
  2. WHEN [duration timer][1] DO [turn][toward][player]
  3. WHEN DO [say][Greetings Adventurer]
  4. WHEN [countdown timer][5] DO [switch page][page:@Idle]


Add an emote to the @Idle page to make the villager seem more animated. Record a Kinect emote of him sawing wood or gardening or use one of the standard emotes.
WHEN DO [emote][eat]


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