Enemy Scavenger Brain

Type: Enemy brain
Level: 3 star
Pages: 9
Description: Complicated brain with 159 lines of kode, so I am not typing it up fully here.
Enemy displays an exclamation mark above its head before attacking and has a health bar above when attacked. He will orbit the player and back up during attacks.

page 1 @Wander // randomized wandering and standing behaviour, also contains detection kode for enemies
page 2 @Pursue // when alerted to an enemy he will move towards it
page 3 @Orbit // when attacking the enemy will strafe around the player
page 4 @Close in // kode for detecting if player is in attack range
page 5 @Back off // after attacking the enemy will back up
page 6 @Attack // attacking kode with randomized aggression that determines actions
page 7 @Signalling // part of the randomizing of the attack type
page 8 @Targeting // determines the target of an attack, or if target is killed returns to wander behaviour
page 9 @Init // sets up variables and adds the Enemy lights brain and something called Temporary health


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