Enemy Brain

Type: Enemy brain
Level: 2 star
Pages: 1
Description: Default Enemy Brain. Enemy moves toward player when within 20 metres and attacks player when within 2 metres.


  1. WHEN [once] DO [team][equals][team 2]
  2. WHEN [enemies][nearest object][or][player][neutrals][nearest object] DO [objvar: my enemy][equals][it]
  3. WHEN [distance to][objvar:my enemy][less than][20][and][distance to][objvar:my enemy][greater than or equal to][2]
  4. …WHEN DO [move][toward][objvar:my enemy]
  5. WHEN [is ally with][objvar:my enemy] DO [objvar:my enemy][equals][nothing]
  6. WHEN [countdown timer][pause attack][loop]
  7. …WHEN [distance to][objvar:my enemy][less than or equal to][2] DO [attack][light][objvar:my enemy][with windup][end combo]
  8. …WHEN DO [numvar: pause attack][equals][random number][1][to][3]



Make enemy more dangerous
Any easy way to improve this enemy is to change line 8. Make random numbers from 0 to 1. The pause between attacks is not as long, and so the enemy is not as easy to kill.



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