Twin Stick Shooter

Type: Player Brain
Level: 2 star
Pages: 1
Description: 3rd person player brain. Distance boom camera. Player controls fireballs with the right stick. No melee ability.


  1. WHEN [once] DO [team][equals][team 1]
  2. WHEN DO [display meter][health][screen top left]

    Camera settings

  3. WHEN DO [boom camera][distance][15][ignore camera collision][yaw][-90]

    Action buttons

  4. WHEN [button:A][pressed] DO [jump]
  5. WHEN [left stick] DO [move]

    Firing mechanism (Xbox)

  6. WHEN [right stick][without mouse remapping]
  7. …WHEN DO [turn][in direction][right stick]
  8. …WHEN DO [shoot][in direction][right stick]

    Firing mechanism (PC)

  9. WHEN [left mouse button]
  10. …WHEN DO [turn][toward][left mouse world position]
  11. …WHEN DO [shoot][in direction][left mouse world position][minus][position]

    Standard interaction kode

  12. WHEN [detect][interactable][objects in front]
  13. …WHEN DO[highlight it yellow]
  14. …WHEN [is using keyboard] DO [display][middle mouse button][ above ][ it]
  15. …WHEN[using controller][or][is using touch] DO [display][icon:B][above] [it]
  16. …WHEN [button B][pressed] DO [interact]
  17. …WHEN [else]
  18. …/…WHEN [button B][pressed] DO [dodge][with strafing][invulnerable]



Change weapon to a crossbow/gun
Add as childline to line 1
WHEN DO [equip][Crossbow]
You do not need to add Crossbow bolt or bullet to lines 9 and 12 as it picks the projectile by default based on the weapon equipped.

Add melee attack
Sort of breaks the twin shooter concept, but you may want a melee option.
Add after line 4
WHEN [button:X][pressed] Do [attack]

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