Ability increase speed

Type: Additional skill
Level: 2 star
Pages: 1
Description:  This ability increases the speed of the player from 6.6 to 16.6  after the number of killed objects in the world is increased. The speed then decreases slowly until it reaches 6.6 again or another enemy is killed. Note that the player does not have to have killed any enemies themselves for this to activate.  It also includes a special effect on equipment when the ability is active which suggests that this brain was created for a magic weapon. The brain is removed when the player changes equipment.

This kode is not standalone, it needs to be added either to a call page in a player brain, by using multibrain in a player brain, or by using multibrain in a special weapon (see Alterations). Designed to be used with Weapon Brain Melee Weapon – Quicken.


  1. WHEN [once] DO [numvar:original speed][equals][ground speed] //sets the default speedSpeed mechanic
  2. WHEN [killed objects][increased] DO [ground speed][equals][10][plus][numvar:original speed] // increases speed by 10 when anything is killedSlowdown mechanic
  3. WHEN [ground speed][not equal to][numvar:original speed]
  4. …WHEN [countdown timer][0.5][loop] DO [ground speed][decrement by][0.1] // alter this line to change the length of time the player has the abilitySpecial effect on equipment
  5. …WHEN DO [play fx][fx:Spark neutral][on][equipment]
  6. …WHEN DO [equipment][hologram][blue]When magic weapon is no longer equipped
  7. WHEN [equipment][changed]
  8. …WHEN DO [ground speed][equals][numvar:original speed]
  9. …WHEN DO [remove brain][this brain]



Add this to a magic weapon

This ability is designed for a magic weapon. In your magic weapon add this kode. When the player equips this weapon they will get the ability. When they equip another weapon it will be lost until they equip it again.

WHEN[started to] [equipped] DO [owner][add brain][Ability increase speed]


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