3rd Person – Shooter

Type: Player Brain
Level: 3 star
Pages: 1
Description: A 3rd person brain with a boom camera so that the player is always centered and you see the back of the head of the player at all times. The player cannot turn only strafe left and right. The player is armed with a crossbow that you can fire with X and Right trigger.
Camera is set quite high as a default, and you can move the camera up and down.

  1. WHEN [once] DO [equip][Crossbow]Set up the camera (lines 2,5,7,8)
  2. …WHEN DO [vectorvar:offset][equals][world up][plus][forward]
  3. …WHEN DO [team][equals][team 1]
  4. WHEN DO [display meter][health][screen top left]
  5. WHEN DO [boom camera][with controls][distance][5][target offset][vectorvar:offset]
  6. WHEN [left stick] DO [move][with strafing]
  7. WHEN DO [forward][equals][camera forward]
  8. WHEN DO [up][equals][world up]Action buttons
  9. WHEN [right trigger][or button:X] DO [shoot][crossbow bolt][launch frequency][20][at speed][50][lifetime][1]
  10. WHEN [button:A][pressed] DO [jump]Standard Interaction Kode
  11. WHEN [detect][interactable][objects in front]
  12. …WHEN DO[highlight it yellow]
  13. …WHEN [is using keyboard] DO [display][middle mouse button][ above ][ it]
  14. …WHEN[using controller][or][is using touch] DO [display][icon:B][above] [it]
  15. …WHEN [button B][pressed] DO [interact]
  16. …WHEN [else]
  17. …/…WHEN [button B][pressed] DO [dodge][with strafing][invulnerable]


Remove the up and down camera option
Just remove with controls from line 5

Change to a gun
Alter line 1 to a gun
Alter line 9 to shoot bullets rather than crossbow bolts

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