Explosive barrel with a delay fuse

by LadylexUK (Feb 2015)
Copied from ProjectSpark.com

An explosive barrel with a delay fuse

Kohldar posted in Dec 2013 that he wanted to create an explosive barrel that left a crater. I have adapted the Kode he used to create a barrel with a fuse and terrain damage.

Place a standard Explosive barrel.

Add a piece of rope as an attachment to the top of your explosive barrel.

Change brain of barrel to this:


WHEN [interacted] DO [boolvar:burning][=][true]
WHEN [boolvar:burning][=][true] DO
…WHEN DO [play fx][candle flame][on][IWP:Rope piece]
…WHEN [countdown timer][4] DO [kill][me] // this is the duration of your fuse

then the rest of the standard brain as child lines to the burning boolean, then

…WHEN DO [subtract terrain][cylinder][radius][5][height][1.5]

When the player interacts the rope will start to burn and then after 4 seconds the barrel explodes, damaging any enemies by 35 health points, and creates a crater.

For more drama (and if you have Epic Artist) change the color of the ground in the blast radius


…WHEN DO [paint terrain][radius][5][material slot 8] // I used asteroid coast

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