Controlling how far a projectile can travel

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Question: I have projectiles shooting at a wall, but they disappear before they get to the wall. How can I make them last longer and hit the wall?

Answer by Mescad


There is a modifier tile to shoot called “lifetime” that specifies the amount of time in seconds that the projectile will exist in the world. You can use that to make your object last longer.

example: WHEN DO [shoot][lifetime][30]

Ladylex Tip:
By default the projectile with no lifetime tile will last 3 seconds. At the default speed that will travel approximately 30 metres.So projectiles fire at 10 metres a second or 0.333 meters a frame. Change the speed and the projectile will travel faster and therefore further in the time.

WHEN [Y][pressed] DO [shoot][at speed][30] // this is the default speed. Change to a higher number for a faster fireball that goes further, or a lower number to slow it down.


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