2D Sidescroller

Type: Player Brain
Level: 3 star
Pages: 1
Description: Pulls back the camera from the player and constrains the player to moving on the x axis only (left and right).


page 1 @Player controls – Sidescroller

  1. WHEN [once] DO [team][equals][team 1]

    Sets up variables for player movement and constrains to the x axis

  2. …WHEN DO [numvar:left stick dead zone][equals][0.15]
  3. …WHEN DO [numvar:constrain to axis][equals][position][x]

    Places camera

  4. WHEN DO [boom camera][distance][15][yaw][0][pitch][0][ignore jumping][ignore prop collision][ignore terrain collision]
  5. WHEN DO [displaymeter][health][screen top left]

    Moves the camera with the player movement

  6. WHEN DO [position][x][equals][numvar:contrain to axis]
  7. WHEN [left stick][x][greater than][numvar:left stick deadzone] DO [move][camera right]
  8. WHEN [left stick][x][less than][negative][left stick deadzone] DO [move][camera left]

    Standard action buttons

  9. WHEN [button: A][pressed] DO [jump]
  10. WHEN [button: X][pressed] DO [attack]

    Standard interact kode

  11. WHEN [detect][interactable][objects in front]
  12. …WHEN DO[highlight it yellow]
  13. …WHEN [is using keyboard] DO [display][middle mouse button][ above ][ it]
  14. …WHEN[using controller][or][is using touch] DO [display][icon:B][above] [it]
  15. …WHEN [button B][pressed] DO [interact]

    Player does forward roll with B if no interaction is available

  16. …WHEN [else]
  17. …/…WHEN [button B][pressed] DO [dodge][with strafing][invulnerable]

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