Website Update Sep 2017

So this is the current situation as of 8 Sep 2017.

  • 293 video tutorials
  • 41 written tutorials
  • 334 brain tile pages (please let me know if there are any missing, and also if you can fill the gaps where some tiles have little or no information)
  • 126 community level pages
  • 15 Video compilations catalogued

More will be added to the above. In addition I have started some new sections.

Prop gallery
I have begun cataloguing the prop gallery. These pages will contain the gallery shot of the prop, some default stats, a description and some handy hints of how to use the prop. Please add your tips in the comments of the prop page. This will only be the props left to us after the shutdown.

Brain gallery
I will be describing and explaining the pre-made brains that were made by Team Dakota with some hints and tips on how to improve or alter them.

Post shutdown creations
I need your help here. Create “lets play”, “trailer”, or “making of” videos of your creations onto YouTube and let me know about it. I will create an A-Z of all new stuff separate from the Community Creations from 2013-Aug 2016. Lets prove Project Spark is alive and kicking.

Other suggestions
This archive is for fans of Project Spark. You are a fan. What would you like to see? Let me know in the comments.


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